Keeping the laboratory equipments up with the times, and processing every production step strictly is the top priority we do.LAB EQUIPMENTS

Test the vulcanization reaction of rubber.

Ozone Test
Test the wiper response under 500 hours of ozone.

Tensile Test
Analyze the maximum extent of the rubber material's stretching, compression and tearing.

Aging Test
Analyze the reaction of rubber at a high temperature of 70°C and 72 hours of testing.



High / Low. Tester
4 hours cycle test (70°C~-30°C) to measure the change of wipers

Salt spray Tester
Analyze whether the wiper is rusted in a salt spray environment for 240 hours.

UV resistance Tester
500 hours of UV test to analyze whether the wiper has changed.

Flick Test
Under high-frequency flapping test, inspect the structural integrity of the wipers.


Snow Test
Test the wiper's wiping performance in a snowy climate.

Noise Test
During driving, the wiper noise is less than 50 dB.

High Speed Test
During driving, the wiper noise is less than 50 dB.

Force Distribution
Test the distribution of wipers on the windshield surface.


Durability Test
Test the wiping results after 500,000 wiping tests.